Saturday, April 19, 2014

Where Our Kids Take Us: Sarah's in India

What our grown kids do, we do, too, from a distance. This is Week 2 of our daughter Sarah's first business trip to India. She was nervous about going at first, but, like every other brave thing Sarah's done (acting, college in NYC, semester abroad, traipsing around Europe, settling in NYC), she embraced the challenge. Her emails home have become a kind of "journal": day-by-day madcap recaps of eating "thali," buying lip gloss, surviving a holiday (sightseeing), being a woman and visiting a liquor store, the joys (and necessity) of having a driver, training people who don't speak your language (or share your culture). And, we've been hanging on her every word. She "Oovoo'd" me once after a long, exhausting day. (When the Delhi workday is over, it's 9:00 a.m. at the NYC office, so she troubleshoots for them in the evening.) Evidently, talking to Mom made things better. And, hearing from Sarah made my day. When she was 12, Sarah's choir traveled to England, and we opted to go along. At 28, she's going it alone. But we're with her in spirit. (Photo of Taj Mahal by Sarah Bonner)

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